Environmental Engineering

 Environmental Engineering and Support  Services are a key service area of Russell Engineering, Inc.  Our firm  provides permitting support for new projects or expansions, as well as  environmental compliance services for existing facilities with annual  and semi-annual requirements.

Russell Engineering is experienced in providing engineering and  environmental services for landfill and hazardous waste sites.  We also  provide groundwater and surface water monitoring services and  reporting.  Air permitting services, monitoring, and reporting are  another service area we provide.

Our firm also provides support for compliance with NPDES Industrial  Stormwater Permits for facilities and is experienced in  Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Plans,  stormwater sampling, and preparation of engineering plans and studies to  implement corrective BMP's such as detention ponds, enhanced swales,  oil/grit separators, and other BMP strategies.

Landfill and Hazardous Waste Site Investigations and Engineering-  Russell Engineering is very experienced in providing landfill  engineering services for construction and demolition landfills, solid  waste landfills, and industrial monofills.  We are experienced in site  assessments, geotechnical investigations, potentiometric surface  monitoring, design of landfills and preparation of permit drawings,  preparation of construction drawings for cell expansions, and erosion  control plans.  We are also experienced in construction inspection and  management of landfill expansions and closures for QA/QC compliance and  closure reports.

Our firm is also experienced in providing similar services for hazardous  waste sites and underground storage tank sites (USTs).  We are familiar  with performing investigations such as soil and groundwater sampling  and reporting, assessments and remedial action plans, closure plans and  preparation of design drawings and reports, and providing construction  inspection and management. 

 Landfill and Hazardous Waste Site Groundwater Compliance Monitoring-  Russell Engineering is very experienced in providing semi-annual  groundwater and surface water sampling for SubTitle-D landfills.  We  also conduct quarterly methane monitoring.  Our firm handles scheduling,  sampling and collection, sample transport and analysis, and statistical  analysis and reporting to State Agencies.  We are a great choice for  landfills operating in a very competitive environment and offer low  rates and quality service for monitoring. Give us a call today for a  quote on your landfill. 

Air Monitoring Compliance and Reporting

Russell Engineering is experienced in providing permit support for  facilities needing to comply with State Clean Air Act requirements.  We  support Stationary Source Permitting for Title V compliance in the State  of Georgia and Industrial Source Monitoring and Reporting.  Our staff  is Smoke School trained and provides EPA Method 9 Visible Emissions  evaluations and reporting. 

NPDES Industrial Stormwater Permitting

Russell Engineering is a great choice to support your NPDES Industrial  Stormwater Permit.  Our firms prepares the required Stormwater Pollution  Prevention Plans that are part of all permits and prepares and submits  all required Notice of Intent and Notice of Termination permit forms for  facilities.  We also prepare spill prevention plans for specific risk  areas of your facility.

We also plan and conduct stormwater sampling for annual compliance with  your stormwater permit.  We can prepare all required reports for  facilities.  We also design and prepare construction drawings for  capturing and treating pollutants that are discharging from your site in  exceedance of your permit requirements.

Contact us today. We provide services in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.