Russell Engineering provides Solar Energy  and other Renewable Energy planning and design-build services for  residential, commercial and utility scale projects.

Our firm is committed to environmental stewardship of our air and  water.  The development and implementation of Solar and other  renewable energy projects protects our air and water from future  emissions and pollution.  We also are a proponent of energy independence  and energy security for the United States to protect our economy and  national interests. 

 Solar Power Systems provide homeowners  and businesses with protection from utility price increases and lowers  your monthly bills.  You are still able to access power from  your electric utility provider at night or during increased demand.   Utilities in return benefit from reduced peak-demand loads and expensive  power purchases to support the grid demand, and can delay or eliminate  future generation plant construction.

Our firm provides assessment of your residence or business power demand,  system planning for your solar project, and design-build services to  install the system and bring it online.  We are a licensed Utility  Contractor in the State of Georgia and provide all services necessary  to finish your project with a single source of responsibility from  beginning to end.

We are the choice for you whether you want to do a small project to show  your "Green Credentials", insulate your business from peak pricing, or  want to erase your electric bill. 

Contact us today. We are a registered engineering firm and utility  contractor in the State of Georgia. We serve all of Atlanta, Cherokee  County, Clayton County, Cobb County, DeKalb County, Forsyth County,  Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Rockdale County and all other Cities and  Counties in Georgia.
We are located in Roswell, Georgia, and are nearby the North Fulton  Cities of Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs.